खुसीको खबर ! खुसीको खबर !! खुसीको खबर !!!

खुसीको खबर ! खुसीको खबर !! खुसीको खबर !!! 

न त अब राजापुर नै जानुपर्ने

अब न त लार्इन नै लाग्नु पर्ने
समयमै विद्युत महसुल बुझाई विद्युत काटिनबाट ढुक्क बनौं ।
विद्युत महसुल बुझाउने स्थान न्यु सम्झना कम्प्युटर ईन्सिच्युट
गेरुवा गाँउपालिका–६, प्रसेनीपुर बजार, बर्दिया

३५ जनालाइ सित्तैमा कम्प्युटर तालिम ।

छिटाे गर्नुहाेस यस्ताे माैका बारम्बार अाउँदैन । मात्र ३५ काेटा  सित्तैमा कम्प्युटर तालिम ।
माथि उल्लेखित सुचना बमाेजिम कम्प्युटर तालिम लिन चाहनुहुन्छ भने कृपया काेटा पुरा हुनुभन्तुदा अगावै तुरुन्त भर्ना फारम भरि भर्ना हुनुहाेस । भर्ना फारम कार्यालय अाउन नसके पनि अनलाइन डाउनलाेड गरी वा अनलाइृन नै भर्न सकिन्छ । 

भर्ना फारम नमुना यस प्रकार छ ।

भर्ना फारम डाउनलाेड गर्नुहाेस् ।

कम्प्युटर तालिम भर्ना फारम

सुपथ मुल्यमा निम्नलिखित सामानहरु बिक्रिमा ।

तपाइँहरुकै मन जित्न सफल यस सम्झना कम्प्युटर इन्सिच्युटमा सुपथ मुल्यमा तल उल्लेख गरिएका कम्प्युटर पार्टहरु  बिक्रिमा रहेकाे जानकारी गराउन चाहन्छाैँ ।
इच्छुक महानुभावले कृपया सम्पर्क गर्नुहाेला ।

Everything About Gadimai Mela.

By now the little girl is back in the cafe, feeding and stroking the bird.
When the Gadhimi Festicval drew close, Raghu decided that instead of speaking  out against the sacrifices from the comfort of his hom, he would go to the venue. Raghu arrived on November 27, carrying three banners.
The first day wa intense. I hadn't  anticipatd such aggression. People lashed out on me immedicatly after I rolled out my banners. One of them got stolen and I was force to withdraw. I watched helplessly as animals puured in. Many were terribly dehydrated and malnourishe. Some collapsed form exhaustinon anod people still kept beating them. At times. I placed myselt between the people and th anumal.s It was an act of despair."
Raghu left feeling helpless, and at night tried to think of a prayer for the animal waiting to be killed. " I came uip with a short  one: 'MaY YOU die without pain; may you be free'." On the second day, the campaigner positioned himself in fornt of the main entrance to the buffalo enclosure. People began to show an interest.
One aggressive man stepped in: "This mand is s Pahari, and he's interfering with out Madheshi culture. He has no right to be here." The coruwd seemed to agree. "After we get done with the buffaloes, the Dalits will take away their bodies. Unfortunately, my friend, there'll be no one to take care of yours, " the mand threatened. Raghu got disheartened and decided to take a break. Near the bufalos enclosure, he noticed people keeping beadless birds in small cages. he leant that although people set pigeons free at the main temple, they are sactificed in thousands elsewhere.
The young campaigner noticed a couple of boys crrying live pigeons.
 "Woulod you mind selling them to me?" he asked.

" No wa," the boys said, " We cannot. It's againt our tradition." Raghu them noticed a young, whit birt on the rood of a small thmple. A boy had his eyes fixed on it. As soon as tehe bird moved, he caught it bys its tail. Raghu decided to give it one more try.